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Day 1 – 5 ways to win my heart

Hello People! Today is the first day of the 30 day Challenge. Hope I see it through. Anyway, today asks 5 ways to win mymy he

art. Here goes –

1. Have a great relationship with God. I truly hope this answer never gets old for me. I am not perfect in my walk with God but its a working progress so I totally adore a man who has his act together in that aspect. That way, you don’t draw me back and also you can keep me in check and maybe even help me in my walk with God. Also, your relationship with God will challenge me to work on mine as well so that I can get to a better level so that I’m not the one drawing you back. Besides, a God-fearing man is less prone to do some things I can’t really condone (that’s a topic for another day) so it would make things easier. That’s why this is the most important.

2. Always be honest. This is almost as important as the first one. My belief is that if you are the person I will have for a long time in my life, you have to be able to be honest about things, even if the end result won’t be positive but at least I will know that I’m able to trust you to always be straight with me. I am a total disclosure kinda person. So if I ask you if I look fat in a dress, answer honestly. I might look sad at first but I’ll get over it n deal accordingly. But I will also note that you were honest about that simple (hard) question so when it gets to the more complex things that gaining my heart are based on, I will know to trust and believe what you have to say. You will also have to be my best friend and I have to be able to tell you everything, ask for advice, etc. But if I’m not sure of your honesty, I won’t be

able to trust you to that level, therefore my heart will go out of it fast! Simple!

3. Be kind and patient. I will be the first to tell you that I have issues and I am going to drive you insane, not once or twice but many many times. Therefore, you have to have kindness in you to be able to just look, shake your head and walk away, saying when the blood flows away from her head, she will get back to me. You also have to be very patient because that is going to happen quite often. I also am very clumsy, cuckoo and annoying when I want to be or when I’m in a mood. Your patience with these traits is important as I don’t see those things changing anytime soon. 4. Have a way with words. Intelligence has a lot to play with this aspect but basically

you have to have a way with words. This might be weird to some people but I love words and someone who just uses them right and says the right thing gets me all the time. It says a lot that the person I fell hardest for recently was a genius with words! As in the brother could just write or speak and I would plotz! It was crazy! Of course there were other traits he possessed but that one definitely got me. At this point, I should add that spelling thing correctly is also a plus and having a typed conversation where things are not spelled the right way grits my nerves. I try not to judge but it definitely loses you points. I guess this aspect is helped by being a reader but basically make the english language your friend and know how to use words to make me swoon.

5. Possess a sense of humor. This is very important as I am known to have the attention span of a gnat. So it is important that I have to be entertained around you if you are to last in my life. In addition, you have to be able to laugh at yourself. I can be very silly and I tend to make a fool of myself very quickly. So you can’t get embarrassed easily and you have to be able to laugh about things and let them go instead of getting upset about them. I dated a guy who, among other faults, got embarrassed very quickly when things didn’t go his way and would either shut off from you or would try to find a way to embarrass you as well (a “misery loves company” type thing). As you can imagine, we didn’t last long at all. But basically, a sense of humor is rather important. If you don’t possess one, not gonna happen m’dear!

So that’s it! The 5 top ways to win my heart. Below are some runner ups, they were close contenders but for one reason or the other, didn’t make it.

Romantic (I’m not a full romantic so its not high on the list, but it would be nice)

Good Dancer (topic for another day)

Good with kids

Well people, that’s it for today. Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment. Support a newbie blogger… It would be great motivation to keep on writing. Thanks and have a blessed day.