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2014 Recap… 2015 Aims

So… I’m just gonna slide on in here and act as if I have not been AWOL since 2012 and we are all going to go along with that yeah? Good!

HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omgosh! It has been so long! SO the last time I even wrote, I had just returned to the US and was doing my masters. I am done with that now and I am job hunting. I have moved forward on so many levels and I have stayed in the same place on so many other levels as well! But that is a topic for another day!

As I chill in bed at 1:12 a.m on December 31st, 2014, I have to take stock on the year. I have always heard people say that a certain year was the hardest they have every experienced and I have always taken it at face value. This year was that way for me. Oh my goodness! if someone had told me how this year would be, I would have thrown a drink in their face and called them my enemy. But it is true what they say that you don’t know your own strength until all you can be is strong. I have no choice! And I cannot give up so… I have kept on pushing through everything that has happened. Looking back on the year, I am not 100% happy, but I am 1000% thankful. I feel like this has been a year of learning for me and I hope I don’t fail to make use of those lessons.

That being said, I have some aims/plans for 2015. I am writing them on the blog so as to have an ever available reference point. So, here goes…

  1. Be more thankful (I feel like I complained so much this year. Even when things are not going well, I know what thankfulness can do so I should do better)
  2. Procrastinate less (Yeah! Big Huge problem for me so I need to work on that!)
  3. Plan my time and life better ( actually create to do lists and utilize them!)
  4. Read more ( I do read already… but mostly novels. I have to read development books more than I did this year)
  5. Write/Blog┬ámore! (You guys don’t understand how much stuff runs through my head that I need to put down and I have an avenue so I need to attend to it more)
  6. Travel more (Self-explanatory)
  7. Restrict myself from people more (My personality is the kind that draws people to me. This could cause some toxic relationships to develop. I need to break those and permanently nip them in the bud! I don’t owe them anything)
  8. Volunteer more ( I used to love doing this, I don’t know what happened to me
  9. Pray more (My relationship with God is so important… it needs to be better developed!
  10. Get along with both my brothers!

I am going to stop here even though there are more things but I’ll consider those later. I will do a quarterly checkup to see how I am doing with these aims. Hope God helps me with them.

Of course, the most obvious one would be seeing if I do blog more or not.

Hope to see yall soon!