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Day 3 – A Book I Love

Kane and Abel – Jeffrey Archer.

This book is a favorite for sentimental reasons as well as because Archer is a frigging genius! I said it for a long time that he had a criminal’s mind so it wasn’t surprising when he was finally jailed for a crime (he’s still a great writer and I don’t hold his jail time against him!).

Anyway, I love this because first off because it was the first “grown-up” book my father gave to me. Before this, he gave me bible stories and small books to read. But I guess he saw how I was always ‘inhaling’ any book I could get my hand on so he finally called me and told me this was one of his favorite books (I think I was about 8 at the time). I was just so happy that I was reading a grown up book. Then I got into it and I fell in love. Even at my young age, I couldn’t help but get invested in the story of 2 people who, in different circumstances, would (and should) have been best of friends and the way things worked out to deprive them of that friendship. I got to like Florentyna (Abel’s daughter), especially when she was young.. Guess I could relate with her and by the time she grew up, I was too invested to drop the book.

Sorry but you would have to google the book to get the full synopsis but you have to know its a good book. I am usually very restless and I get bored easily so if a book sucks, it doesn’t take long before I dump it and go in search of the next book but I have read Kane and Abel over 5 times (don’t ask me why I don’t have a personal copy… Well I do but presently it isn’t in my possession) and, as with any good book, I keep discovering something new every single time. The book actually turns into a 3-part book with Kane and Abel being first, then The Prodigal Daughter being second and Shall We Tell the President being third. Now I am a shameless fan of anything Archer writes but this three will be in my heart forever. I recommend anyone who is able to get any of his books to curl up for a good read and anyone who has read Kane and Abel can feel free to say more about it.

Ps – I know its lazy but I most likely won’t blog during weekends, bear with me because that would affect the 30day challenge but don’t worry, it will all get done.

Comments and plugs appreciated! Everyone have a great day!