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Day 5 – Things you want to say to an ex

Hey you,


I wish I could convey that in a more heartfelt way and in a way for you to see just how sorry I truly am. I wish I could be the kind of girlfriend that I should have been and I really wish it could have worked out between us (you don’t know how much I wish that) but it seems to not happen despite whatever I think and however I try to make it otherwise.

You have been one of the most amazing people in my life and I still remember the day we met. I remember the thoughts going through my mind. I don’t remember when I fell for you but I do remember that was the first time I felt exactly like that. I do remember the journey from there to actually dating you. I don’t know what the problem is truthfully. I know I say it is the distance but I feel like there is more. The fear of what could happen is keeping me back. As well as the fear that I could mess things up. I don’t want to do that because then you would hate me forever and as much as I hate not being with you, I would hate not having you in my life at all and thinking any less of me even more.

I really hope you know that you are an amazing person. You have been my friend for so long and I can never forget that. I know I love you but I don’t think that is enough in this case so I would rather not mess things up even more than they already are. Please forgive me and know I pray for you almost as much as I pray for myself. I know you are going places and I hope we are still good friends even then so that I can celebrate your life with you.

I don’t regret meeting you. I don’t now and I never will. I do regret how things are turning out between us but I hope everything turns out well for both of us and we can look on our past with fondness and nor anger or bitterness.

Once again, I am truly really and very very sorry.

With love,

Ps- I realize I am writing this on love’s favorite day so happy valentine to everyone. Not everyone can have a happy valentine though, it just doesn’t work that way but take it as a day to show love to the people around you and make the most of it!! As for me, my friends and I are having a single ladies night to celebrate valentine and I’m excited about it :D. Enjoy your day everyone!