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Day 14 : What I wore today

I’m mostly a jeans kinda person so most days find me in jeans. Today isn’t any different. I am wearing blue jeans and a black, grey and white button-down shirt. The shirt has ruffles on it as well. Blue sandals and black earrings. I’m really lazy so won’t wear any type of heels unless it’s a really special occasion. That being said, I do love heels and I have a collection going 😀

Since today’s blog piece is so short, I’m including a pic of moi so you see what I’m wearing. Enjoy and have a great day.



Day 13 – My opinion about my body and how comfortable I am with it.

I like my body. Not love but like. And it wasn’t even always like. All things considered though, I have the stereotypically good body shape.. (ie bust, hips, butt). I am 5’7 and I love every inch I have. I love being a tall girl. I also weigh a bit (but nobody can ever tell). I’m around 150lbs but most ppl guess 120-130lbs when they see me and are in shock that they are wrong.
Like I said, I like my body. It is relatively easy to find outfits that flatter it and to find outfits that emphasize the good parts and hide the imperfections. The compliment I get most times is sexy which I have actually come to hate because I feel like it is focusing on physical assets too much. A friend once told me that when a girl is seen as sexy, the man is automatically thinking of getting her naked and seeing all those curves at their most basic. That is just nasty to me! I would rather be cute or pretty but what can I do at this point. Its even worse when I wear heels before everything is emphasized.

All things considered though, I am rather comfortable with my body. I don’t dodge mirrors (I used to do this at one time) and I don’t have any problem seeing it at its barest. Whenever I feel like I’m gaining weight, I try and work out and get it back in shape as I like it but that’s not always easy seeing as I love to eat and don’t like working out too much :d. I have a natural athlete’s body (people always believe I do one sport or the other as well and I don’t do any) and I like that. If I were to compare, I guess Serena Williams would be about my body type (I don’t think I’m as curvaceous as she is though but kind of like that.
Guess that’s it.

Cheers all~

Gotta be more toned like her though~

Gotta be more toned like her though~

Day 12 – 5 guys i find attractive

5 Guys I find attractive

5) Trey Songs – I have been in love with him for a long time. The very first song from him was ‘Just gotta make it’. I fell right there and then. He has a great smile, looks like every woman’s dream and his voice is just on point! I am happy at his continued success and I would so love to meet him and just view him in real life!

4) Channing Tatum – I fell in love with him from the first step up movie and I’ve been following his movies since then. The man is tall, cute and romantic. He can dance and that’s like a 1000% plus in my book! And did I mention he is cute??? Sigh! Moving on!

3) Adam Levine – This is the lead singer on Maroon Five and is also someone I adore for a while now. He is soooo cute and rather unlike the men I’m usually attracted to but he just has this pull. He’s a mix of cute and sensitive and rockstar and sweet and hot all together into one package and I love it! Can sing too and mehn! Songs about Jane was a beautiful album and he just has his own type of Swag that he makes work for himself! Yeah I’m sprung!

2) Djimon Honsou – He is an African brother (from Benin Republic) and gosh he is just a gorgeous specimen! He eludes that strength of the stereotypical african man. You just believe he would be able to protect you from anything! I really love that he is doing big things and he is not beautiful in the stereotypical way but he eludes his own brand of confidence and sexiness. I would so love to have one date with him and pick his brain and just enjoy his company (heaven save me ooo. I don’t even know if the brother is married :d)

And finally…
1) Ryan Gosling – I swoon just thinking about him! Have you seen his eyes! And his smile! And his intensity! And his features! And his BODY! And his skill!!! Ok obviously I ADORE him but what can I say? The man is just very adoreable :D. First movie I saw was the notebook and he was just so roguish and he just continued from there! Gosh I really adore him! So much so I put on my bbm the other day, his picture and a caption saying I’m sprung. I really am and he is definitely worth it! Gosh! Ok I’m done.

People who almost made the list –
-Shemar Moore – gentlemanly charm is sweet sha~
– Usher – that love affair has been going on since I was 13. Don’t mess with it!

What about your own list of 5 men you find sexy and attractive? Lemme have it!

Cheers all~

gosh! isn't he just sooooo yummy???

gosh! isn’t he just sooooo yummy???

Day 10 – Put your music player on shuffle and write the first 10 songs that play.

I am soooo grossly ashamed of myself! Can’t believe I haven’t posted in sooooo long! I have no excuse even and I sincerely apologize.
Today’s is a relatively easy one so here goes…

Put your music player on shuffle and write the first 10 songs that play…

1) Yolanda Adams – The Battle is the Lord’s
2) J-Martins- Good or Bad
3) Casting Crows – Lifesong
4) 2 Face – Implication
5) Michael Buble – The Way You Look Tonight
6) Asa – Indian Song
7) Boys II Men – End of the Road
8)Kaysha – On Dit Quoi
9)Bob Marley – Turn your lights down low
10)Chrisette Michelle – Love in You

That’s it for today, again, apologies for being awol. Comment on my ten shuffled songs please, lemme know what you think of my taste in music from what you can see on this list.. Have a wonderful day 🙂

musto dance!

musto dance!

Day 9 – How important I think education is.

Education comes in many different forms and no matter the form, education is crazily important. Whatever impacts knowledge to you is never a waste of time and energy. So if it is sitting in a classroom or sitting in front of an elder and listening to old-age wisdom or learning a skill, you never know what can happen in the future so never knock it.

There is a certain importance to a classroom education as well. But after a certain level, it is based on how interested you are in it. By University level, I learnt more out of the classroom – through my clubs and organizations – than in class. That isn’t to say I’m saying I don’t think university is important. I think so.. If it is what you are interested in and if you are able to. But really all of life is an education. Learn as much as you can from everything and everyone around you. Listen to the wisdom and the foolishness around you and know how to filter one from the other and utilize the one that will help your life. Also learn a skill. I’m such a huge advocate of that these days. I think it is important for many reasons, we’ll get into that on another day. Any skill will do, as long as you have an interest in it. You never know where life can take you and how said skill you learnt today can help you in the future.
Western education is good to impact knowledge and make you competitive in today’s world, but it is not everything. If it were, the most educated people in the world would be the most fulfilled, most comfortable and happiest people and that isn’t the case so even without it, you should be alright. As long as you apply yourself.

Also, in the age of Google and Wikipedia, you can learn just about anything you want to know about online. Take advantage of these resources. They are there free of charge. Increase your knowledge base and you will do just fine.

That’s all I have to say about the topic. Got my first comment and it made me so happy that glad to know some people are actually reading. It was good encouragement to continue so if you are reading, please drop a note to agree or disagree or whatever. Thank you~

Day 8 – What I Ate Today

Lunch –

I chose to do this today because I liked that I ate. I had Dundun and Bole for lunch. This is the traditional name for roasted yam and roasted plantain. People who know me know the love I have for street food. My mother tried to weane me of this supposedly bad habit to no avail! Anyway, back to my awesome lunch. It was roasted yam and roasted plantain grilled on one of those metal contraptions used here in nigeria. These people have a big deal going though so it is a big contraption (I’ll try to take a picture of it). The aroma alone had be captive and it was so delicious. They topped it off with fried pepper stew and there was roasted fish as well. Omg! Today’s lunch was heavenly. I got it in Wuse 2 opposite banex plaza and it definitely hit the spot! Might eat it tomorrow as well if I am around here.

Dinner –

I got home and guess what was for dinner, yam and stew! But didn’t even mess up my fantastic lunch. Its all good~

Day 7 – 5 Pet Peeves

So today is about discussing pet peeves. This is a subject I usually try not to get involved in but since it was asked, I might as well go ahead! This is really in no particular order! They all irk me just as much so here are my top 5 pet peeves…

1. Rude ppl. (Include men ogling) – I find that my people (Nigerians in Nigeria) are very guilty of this! I was talking to a friend of mine and discussing how people act like lacking basic manners means you are a big person in Nigeria. There was a day I went to a restaurant and wanted to try a new stew I saw. The lady in front of me had ordered the same thing and I figured she had to know about it so I asked her if it tasted good. She ignored me about the first two times but I don’t give up that easy so I asked her again. With disdain in her voice, she looked at me and said “I don’t work here”. Madam, what does working here have to do with me asking if you can vouch for the stew YOU just ordered. Of course you don’t work here but you obviously eat here which gives you the ability to answer my question. I just walked away from the nonsense she was sprouting!
Apart from that, the way people treat service staff is atrocious! I know they are doing work that you would never consider doing but a little please and thank you go a long way. These people stand on their feet all day to serve people like you and the least you could do is be polite to them! And to top it all off, men openly ogling women! Again, Nigeria is one of the biggest offenders in this case. It is ridiculous and most men have no shame about it. They don’t even attempt to be tactful! They just stare as if they are looking at meat (this is a topic for another day so I’ll just leave it at that). Rude people should be flogged once a day for a while, I’m sure it would go a long way in fixing their unnecessary and wretched attitudes!

2) Attention seekers – this one has been made worse with the invent of Twitter, Facebook, BBM, etc. People who don’t understand that not everything that comes into your brain should come out of your mouth or flow out of your fingers are in this list as well. I have a contact on my bbm who is only there for entertainment. When I first added her, I used to get worried when I saw her statuses until I realized she just wanted attention. She would update the most outrageous things from saying she would kill herself (she once asked what the fastest and most painless way to commit suicide was), to threatening to kill someone else or to run away or that she is in love, or she is out of it or… You get the picture. At first I was worried about the babe, then I was amused but eventually I began to feel bad for her. Nothing is out of bounds or not to be told by her. It has to be hard trying to top yourself and your last story. Attention seeking is sad because people deal with you in worry and later in exasperation but hardly anyone wants to be around you for too long. It is irritating though and these people have to do better! Its not cute at all!!!

3) Bad english/over-slanging – once again, my people are the guilty party in this case. Except for the basic ones (r, u, 2, d, etc), I write messages, texts, and others in english and people ask me is it that I don’t know how to write in slang? Oh and to read some messages, you will have to be psychic or be great at deductive reasoning! It shouldn’t be that hard to write/read a message!
I also physically cringe when someone speaks/writes bad english. I am an automatic corrector! If you say something or you use bad tense or whatever, I would have corrected it before I think if I should or not. It is that much of a pain to me. It isn’t to seem superior or to make someone look bad, most times, I’m not even thinking about what I just did until people start looking at me strangely then I feel awkward but it seriously bothers me! I know it is the fault of the education system to a level but also laziness has a lot to do with it. It is even worse when its something that the real word n the slang has the same amount of words, so what is the point? (Example, like vs lyke… Really!!!) Ah well~

4) Dirty people – I am a relatively messy person and I think messiness speaks a bit to one being a genius (:D that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) but what I hate is dirty people! I lived in an apartment my first year of university where I had my own bathroon but shared a bath. This was a horrible experience as the chick was soooo dirty! We made a cleaning schedule where we washed every other week and if I washed this time, then she washed the next time, so basically you are only washing once a month and she still had a problem sticking by that schedule. I ended up cleaning when it was my turn as well as hers. It was frustrating but I couldn’t leave it dirty n use it. Shared space shld always be kept clean. It doesn’t take that long to clean and I’m not a fan of it but it is just what I consider a good manners to keep shared space clean.
While on that topic, body odor is part of this issue! In fact, its even worse because this is your body! You carry it with you all the time! Shouldn’t you take pride in it to keep in clean. My nigerian people (ps I love yall ooo, but we have to talk about these things so it’s not like I’m picking on yall), with the country’s weather, a deodorant should be your best friend! So why do you shun it like a plague and destroy my olfactory nerves with your ‘scents’. Please do better! Before you kill us all!

5) Skinny jeans of chubby grown men – I have been seeing this recently and it is quite disturbing. First off, skinnies were made for women, then rockstars started wearing them but it was ok because they were rockstars and can get away with looking kinda like that (they already use black eyeliner anyway). Then gay guys started wearing them too and it was ok because.. Well they were gay. From that stage, the transition to all guys in skinnies was beyond me but who was I to question it. But when grown and chubby guys bought into the trend, I developed a twitch. Let’s even leave the fact that it is my pet peeve and let’s look at it from a style POV. You are supposed to know what flatters your shape and dress accordingly. So the first time you, with your chubby grown self, looked into a mirror and saw the uncomfortable bulges your jeans were creating, you still thought it was ok to wear? I just can’t! And I am seeing it more and more out there so I have to wonder if they don’t have wives, girlfriends, sisters and even mothers that can tell them they ain’t looking right? Smh their people are mean as well! But then again, what do I know? These are just my personal issues!

These ones almost made the list but didn’t.

Too much makeup


Well there you go people, my pet peeves listed. Feel free to list your 5 pet peeves as well.. Share with me and comment! Thanks and have a great day!

Day 6 – How I feel about Mainstream Music

I wanted to skip this one because I couldn’t get my thoughts together but since I can’t, here goes….

Mainstream music is relatively meh! I understand the point is to make money but it is quite sad when the same sort of crap keeps coming out and the sad part is we are buying and playing them. However, there are some that are redeeming the rest these days. People like Adele, Common, Kanye, etc are doing what they do well. But there are those like Soulja boy, basically 80% of so-called hip hop n R&B artists are just sprouting crap! Beyond listening on the radio a tad and what I hear in the club, I don’t really pay attention to them anymore. In fact! I find that the unheard of artists in most genres are the ones that make better music.

All that being said, being a Nigerian and being in Nigeria presently, I have to give a shout-out to our musicians! The great heights they have reached in such a short time is admirable. I guess the reason I don’t listen to American music much anymore is because there is so much options with Nigerian music! I divide them into 2 main sections – the party music that makes little sense most times but the beat is banging and you can dance to anytime anywhere and the deep music that you just sit and listen to and absorb. People like Asa, Bez etc fall in that category. Of course those 2 categories isn’t set in stone and there are people who slide through to both or none at all, as well as those who simply make no sense at all!

Overall though, you can’t go wrong with most old-school music and they are what I usually stick with when I tire of what’s out there today.. I guess it’s because those ones have stood the test of time but hey, what do I know.. I just happen to like music a lot!

What is your own opinion about mainstream music? Share your thoughts and have a wonderful weekend!

Day 4 – Bullet your whole day

Woke up at 5:30 from a dream where I had dragons as pets. One eventually bit me, that’s when I woke up…. Hope that doesn’t have any in depth meaning except that I have weird dreams.

Tried to go back to sleep, it was fitful but I didn’t get up till 7am. Went and washed the dishes and warm leftovers for my lunch. Fried plantain as well. Swept the kitchen and then went to take my bath and get ready for the day

Left the house around 8:40. Was going to attempt taking public transport to the shop today but didn’t really feel up to it so I took a cab. Got here before 9am.

Started working on an outfit (ps I’m apprenticing at a fashion design place. But I just stared to don’t know much yet. I was there till 5pm though so basically most of the day.

Around 1pm, ate lunch and one of the people there ate with me.

Went back to work and then nepa took light. Took a short nap (was very sleepy) and when the generator was turned on, went back to work. Didn’t actually work much on my own outfit but tis cool. Was helping my instructor with work he had to do.

Left a little bit before 6pm and decided to finally take public transportation. It involved a whole lot of walking around like a lost puppy and asking from people (some who gave the wrong direction) and a whole hour before I got home – something that usually took about 15mins in drop. I also realized that it is only a 70 naira difference between getting a personal cab and taking public transportation so as ‘interesting’ as this experience was, I will not be repeating it often unless I’m just really tight on money.

Got home with a slight headache and went in search of a snack. Found none so went to lay in bed for a bit.

Hunger pangs chased me back to the kitchen where dinner is being prepared (thank goodness for A.N.). Dinner is Rice, veges and fish.

In front of the tv, watched grey’s anatomy and House. Now watching an old movie called Double Take. Won’t finish it, off to bed now. Relatively boring day but hey! It is whatever.

Hope everyone had a great day, sorry this came late but bulleting the whole day required the day to end before I post up. Yall have a great night and see yall tomorrow, cheers yall~

Day 3 – A Book I Love

Kane and Abel – Jeffrey Archer.

This book is a favorite for sentimental reasons as well as because Archer is a frigging genius! I said it for a long time that he had a criminal’s mind so it wasn’t surprising when he was finally jailed for a crime (he’s still a great writer and I don’t hold his jail time against him!).

Anyway, I love this because first off because it was the first “grown-up” book my father gave to me. Before this, he gave me bible stories and small books to read. But I guess he saw how I was always ‘inhaling’ any book I could get my hand on so he finally called me and told me this was one of his favorite books (I think I was about 8 at the time). I was just so happy that I was reading a grown up book. Then I got into it and I fell in love. Even at my young age, I couldn’t help but get invested in the story of 2 people who, in different circumstances, would (and should) have been best of friends and the way things worked out to deprive them of that friendship. I got to like Florentyna (Abel’s daughter), especially when she was young.. Guess I could relate with her and by the time she grew up, I was too invested to drop the book.

Sorry but you would have to google the book to get the full synopsis but you have to know its a good book. I am usually very restless and I get bored easily so if a book sucks, it doesn’t take long before I dump it and go in search of the next book but I have read Kane and Abel over 5 times (don’t ask me why I don’t have a personal copy… Well I do but presently it isn’t in my possession) and, as with any good book, I keep discovering something new every single time. The book actually turns into a 3-part book with Kane and Abel being first, then The Prodigal Daughter being second and Shall We Tell the President being third. Now I am a shameless fan of anything Archer writes but this three will be in my heart forever. I recommend anyone who is able to get any of his books to curl up for a good read and anyone who has read Kane and Abel can feel free to say more about it.

Ps – I know its lazy but I most likely won’t blog during weekends, bear with me because that would affect the 30day challenge but don’t worry, it will all get done.

Comments and plugs appreciated! Everyone have a great day!