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Day 4 – Bullet your whole day

Woke up at 5:30 from a dream where I had dragons as pets. One eventually bit me, that’s when I woke up…. Hope that doesn’t have any in depth meaning except that I have weird dreams.

Tried to go back to sleep, it was fitful but I didn’t get up till 7am. Went and washed the dishes and warm leftovers for my lunch. Fried plantain as well. Swept the kitchen and then went to take my bath and get ready for the day

Left the house around 8:40. Was going to attempt taking public transport to the shop today but didn’t really feel up to it so I took a cab. Got here before 9am.

Started working on an outfit (ps I’m apprenticing at a fashion design place. But I just stared to don’t know much yet. I was there till 5pm though so basically most of the day.

Around 1pm, ate lunch and one of the people there ate with me.

Went back to work and then nepa took light. Took a short nap (was very sleepy) and when the generator was turned on, went back to work. Didn’t actually work much on my own outfit but tis cool. Was helping my instructor with work he had to do.

Left a little bit before 6pm and decided to finally take public transportation. It involved a whole lot of walking around like a lost puppy and asking from people (some who gave the wrong direction) and a whole hour before I got home – something that usually took about 15mins in drop. I also realized that it is only a 70 naira difference between getting a personal cab and taking public transportation so as ‘interesting’ as this experience was, I will not be repeating it often unless I’m just really tight on money.

Got home with a slight headache and went in search of a snack. Found none so went to lay in bed for a bit.

Hunger pangs chased me back to the kitchen where dinner is being prepared (thank goodness for A.N.). Dinner is Rice, veges and fish.

In front of the tv, watched grey’s anatomy and House. Now watching an old movie called Double Take. Won’t finish it, off to bed now. Relatively boring day but hey! It is whatever.

Hope everyone had a great day, sorry this came late but bulleting the whole day required the day to end before I post up. Yall have a great night and see yall tomorrow, cheers yall~