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Day 9 – How important I think education is.

Education comes in many different forms and no matter the form, education is crazily important. Whatever impacts knowledge to you is never a waste of time and energy. So if it is sitting in a classroom or sitting in front of an elder and listening to old-age wisdom or learning a skill, you never know what can happen in the future so never knock it.

There is a certain importance to a classroom education as well. But after a certain level, it is based on how interested you are in it. By University level, I learnt more out of the classroom – through my clubs and organizations – than in class. That isn’t to say I’m saying I don’t think university is important. I think so.. If it is what you are interested in and if you are able to. But really all of life is an education. Learn as much as you can from everything and everyone around you. Listen to the wisdom and the foolishness around you and know how to filter one from the other and utilize the one that will help your life. Also learn a skill. I’m such a huge advocate of that these days. I think it is important for many reasons, we’ll get into that on another day. Any skill will do, as long as you have an interest in it. You never know where life can take you and how said skill you learnt today can help you in the future.
Western education is good to impact knowledge and make you competitive in today’s world, but it is not everything. If it were, the most educated people in the world would be the most fulfilled, most comfortable and happiest people and that isn’t the case so even without it, you should be alright. As long as you apply yourself.

Also, in the age of Google and Wikipedia, you can learn just about anything you want to know about online. Take advantage of these resources. They are there free of charge. Increase your knowledge base and you will do just fine.

That’s all I have to say about the topic. Got my first comment and it made me so happy that glad to know some people are actually reading. It was good encouragement to continue so if you are reading, please drop a note to agree or disagree or whatever. Thank you~