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Day 6 – How I feel about Mainstream Music

I wanted to skip this one because I couldn’t get my thoughts together but since I can’t, here goes….

Mainstream music is relatively meh! I understand the point is to make money but it is quite sad when the same sort of crap keeps coming out and the sad part is we are buying and playing them. However, there are some that are redeeming the rest these days. People like Adele, Common, Kanye, etc are doing what they do well. But there are those like Soulja boy, basically 80% of so-called hip hop n R&B artists are just sprouting crap! Beyond listening on the radio a tad and what I hear in the club, I don’t really pay attention to them anymore. In fact! I find that the unheard of artists in most genres are the ones that make better music.

All that being said, being a Nigerian and being in Nigeria presently, I have to give a shout-out to our musicians! The great heights they have reached in such a short time is admirable. I guess the reason I don’t listen to American music much anymore is because there is so much options with Nigerian music! I divide them into 2 main sections – the party music that makes little sense most times but the beat is banging and you can dance to anytime anywhere and the deep music that you just sit and listen to and absorb. People like Asa, Bez etc fall in that category. Of course those 2 categories isn’t set in stone and there are people who slide through to both or none at all, as well as those who simply make no sense at all!

Overall though, you can’t go wrong with most old-school music and they are what I usually stick with when I tire of what’s out there today.. I guess it’s because those ones have stood the test of time but hey, what do I know.. I just happen to like music a lot!

What is your own opinion about mainstream music? Share your thoughts and have a wonderful weekend!