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Day 12 – 5 guys i find attractive

5 Guys I find attractive

5) Trey Songs – I have been in love with him for a long time. The very first song from him was ‘Just gotta make it’. I fell right there and then. He has a great smile, looks like every woman’s dream and his voice is just on point! I am happy at his continued success and I would so love to meet him and just view him in real life!

4) Channing Tatum – I fell in love with him from the first step up movie and I’ve been following his movies since then. The man is tall, cute and romantic. He can dance and that’s like a 1000% plus in my book! And did I mention he is cute??? Sigh! Moving on!

3) Adam Levine – This is the lead singer on Maroon Five and is also someone I adore for a while now. He is soooo cute and rather unlike the men I’m usually attracted to but he just has this pull. He’s a mix of cute and sensitive and rockstar and sweet and hot all together into one package and I love it! Can sing too and mehn! Songs about Jane was a beautiful album and he just has his own type of Swag that he makes work for himself! Yeah I’m sprung!

2) Djimon Honsou – He is an African brother (from Benin Republic) and gosh he is just a gorgeous specimen! He eludes that strength of the stereotypical african man. You just believe he would be able to protect you from anything! I really love that he is doing big things and he is not beautiful in the stereotypical way but he eludes his own brand of confidence and sexiness. I would so love to have one date with him and pick his brain and just enjoy his company (heaven save me ooo. I don’t even know if the brother is married :d)

And finally…
1) Ryan Gosling – I swoon just thinking about him! Have you seen his eyes! And his smile! And his intensity! And his features! And his BODY! And his skill!!! Ok obviously I ADORE him but what can I say? The man is just very adoreable :D. First movie I saw was the notebook and he was just so roguish and he just continued from there! Gosh I really adore him! So much so I put on my bbm the other day, his picture and a caption saying I’m sprung. I really am and he is definitely worth it! Gosh! Ok I’m done.

People who almost made the list –
-Shemar Moore – gentlemanly charm is sweet sha~
– Usher – that love affair has been going on since I was 13. Don’t mess with it!

What about your own list of 5 men you find sexy and attractive? Lemme have it!

Cheers all~

gosh! isn't he just sooooo yummy???

gosh! isn’t he just sooooo yummy???


Day 7 – 5 Pet Peeves

So today is about discussing pet peeves. This is a subject I usually try not to get involved in but since it was asked, I might as well go ahead! This is really in no particular order! They all irk me just as much so here are my top 5 pet peeves…

1. Rude ppl. (Include men ogling) – I find that my people (Nigerians in Nigeria) are very guilty of this! I was talking to a friend of mine and discussing how people act like lacking basic manners means you are a big person in Nigeria. There was a day I went to a restaurant and wanted to try a new stew I saw. The lady in front of me had ordered the same thing and I figured she had to know about it so I asked her if it tasted good. She ignored me about the first two times but I don’t give up that easy so I asked her again. With disdain in her voice, she looked at me and said “I don’t work here”. Madam, what does working here have to do with me asking if you can vouch for the stew YOU just ordered. Of course you don’t work here but you obviously eat here which gives you the ability to answer my question. I just walked away from the nonsense she was sprouting!
Apart from that, the way people treat service staff is atrocious! I know they are doing work that you would never consider doing but a little please and thank you go a long way. These people stand on their feet all day to serve people like you and the least you could do is be polite to them! And to top it all off, men openly ogling women! Again, Nigeria is one of the biggest offenders in this case. It is ridiculous and most men have no shame about it. They don’t even attempt to be tactful! They just stare as if they are looking at meat (this is a topic for another day so I’ll just leave it at that). Rude people should be flogged once a day for a while, I’m sure it would go a long way in fixing their unnecessary and wretched attitudes!

2) Attention seekers – this one has been made worse with the invent of Twitter, Facebook, BBM, etc. People who don’t understand that not everything that comes into your brain should come out of your mouth or flow out of your fingers are in this list as well. I have a contact on my bbm who is only there for entertainment. When I first added her, I used to get worried when I saw her statuses until I realized she just wanted attention. She would update the most outrageous things from saying she would kill herself (she once asked what the fastest and most painless way to commit suicide was), to threatening to kill someone else or to run away or that she is in love, or she is out of it or… You get the picture. At first I was worried about the babe, then I was amused but eventually I began to feel bad for her. Nothing is out of bounds or not to be told by her. It has to be hard trying to top yourself and your last story. Attention seeking is sad because people deal with you in worry and later in exasperation but hardly anyone wants to be around you for too long. It is irritating though and these people have to do better! Its not cute at all!!!

3) Bad english/over-slanging – once again, my people are the guilty party in this case. Except for the basic ones (r, u, 2, d, etc), I write messages, texts, and others in english and people ask me is it that I don’t know how to write in slang? Oh and to read some messages, you will have to be psychic or be great at deductive reasoning! It shouldn’t be that hard to write/read a message!
I also physically cringe when someone speaks/writes bad english. I am an automatic corrector! If you say something or you use bad tense or whatever, I would have corrected it before I think if I should or not. It is that much of a pain to me. It isn’t to seem superior or to make someone look bad, most times, I’m not even thinking about what I just did until people start looking at me strangely then I feel awkward but it seriously bothers me! I know it is the fault of the education system to a level but also laziness has a lot to do with it. It is even worse when its something that the real word n the slang has the same amount of words, so what is the point? (Example, like vs lyke… Really!!!) Ah well~

4) Dirty people – I am a relatively messy person and I think messiness speaks a bit to one being a genius (:D that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) but what I hate is dirty people! I lived in an apartment my first year of university where I had my own bathroon but shared a bath. This was a horrible experience as the chick was soooo dirty! We made a cleaning schedule where we washed every other week and if I washed this time, then she washed the next time, so basically you are only washing once a month and she still had a problem sticking by that schedule. I ended up cleaning when it was my turn as well as hers. It was frustrating but I couldn’t leave it dirty n use it. Shared space shld always be kept clean. It doesn’t take that long to clean and I’m not a fan of it but it is just what I consider a good manners to keep shared space clean.
While on that topic, body odor is part of this issue! In fact, its even worse because this is your body! You carry it with you all the time! Shouldn’t you take pride in it to keep in clean. My nigerian people (ps I love yall ooo, but we have to talk about these things so it’s not like I’m picking on yall), with the country’s weather, a deodorant should be your best friend! So why do you shun it like a plague and destroy my olfactory nerves with your ‘scents’. Please do better! Before you kill us all!

5) Skinny jeans of chubby grown men – I have been seeing this recently and it is quite disturbing. First off, skinnies were made for women, then rockstars started wearing them but it was ok because they were rockstars and can get away with looking kinda like that (they already use black eyeliner anyway). Then gay guys started wearing them too and it was ok because.. Well they were gay. From that stage, the transition to all guys in skinnies was beyond me but who was I to question it. But when grown and chubby guys bought into the trend, I developed a twitch. Let’s even leave the fact that it is my pet peeve and let’s look at it from a style POV. You are supposed to know what flatters your shape and dress accordingly. So the first time you, with your chubby grown self, looked into a mirror and saw the uncomfortable bulges your jeans were creating, you still thought it was ok to wear? I just can’t! And I am seeing it more and more out there so I have to wonder if they don’t have wives, girlfriends, sisters and even mothers that can tell them they ain’t looking right? Smh their people are mean as well! But then again, what do I know? These are just my personal issues!

These ones almost made the list but didn’t.

Too much makeup


Well there you go people, my pet peeves listed. Feel free to list your 5 pet peeves as well.. Share with me and comment! Thanks and have a great day!

Day 5 – Things you want to say to an ex

Hey you,


I wish I could convey that in a more heartfelt way and in a way for you to see just how sorry I truly am. I wish I could be the kind of girlfriend that I should have been and I really wish it could have worked out between us (you don’t know how much I wish that) but it seems to not happen despite whatever I think and however I try to make it otherwise.

You have been one of the most amazing people in my life and I still remember the day we met. I remember the thoughts going through my mind. I don’t remember when I fell for you but I do remember that was the first time I felt exactly like that. I do remember the journey from there to actually dating you. I don’t know what the problem is truthfully. I know I say it is the distance but I feel like there is more. The fear of what could happen is keeping me back. As well as the fear that I could mess things up. I don’t want to do that because then you would hate me forever and as much as I hate not being with you, I would hate not having you in my life at all and thinking any less of me even more.

I really hope you know that you are an amazing person. You have been my friend for so long and I can never forget that. I know I love you but I don’t think that is enough in this case so I would rather not mess things up even more than they already are. Please forgive me and know I pray for you almost as much as I pray for myself. I know you are going places and I hope we are still good friends even then so that I can celebrate your life with you.

I don’t regret meeting you. I don’t now and I never will. I do regret how things are turning out between us but I hope everything turns out well for both of us and we can look on our past with fondness and nor anger or bitterness.

Once again, I am truly really and very very sorry.

With love,

Ps- I realize I am writing this on love’s favorite day so happy valentine to everyone. Not everyone can have a happy valentine though, it just doesn’t work that way but take it as a day to show love to the people around you and make the most of it!! As for me, my friends and I are having a single ladies night to celebrate valentine and I’m excited about it :D. Enjoy your day everyone!

Day 1 – 5 ways to win my heart

Hello People! Today is the first day of the 30 day Challenge. Hope I see it through. Anyway, today asks 5 ways to win mymy he

art. Here goes –

1. Have a great relationship with God. I truly hope this answer never gets old for me. I am not perfect in my walk with God but its a working progress so I totally adore a man who has his act together in that aspect. That way, you don’t draw me back and also you can keep me in check and maybe even help me in my walk with God. Also, your relationship with God will challenge me to work on mine as well so that I can get to a better level so that I’m not the one drawing you back. Besides, a God-fearing man is less prone to do some things I can’t really condone (that’s a topic for another day) so it would make things easier. That’s why this is the most important.

2. Always be honest. This is almost as important as the first one. My belief is that if you are the person I will have for a long time in my life, you have to be able to be honest about things, even if the end result won’t be positive but at least I will know that I’m able to trust you to always be straight with me. I am a total disclosure kinda person. So if I ask you if I look fat in a dress, answer honestly. I might look sad at first but I’ll get over it n deal accordingly. But I will also note that you were honest about that simple (hard) question so when it gets to the more complex things that gaining my heart are based on, I will know to trust and believe what you have to say. You will also have to be my best friend and I have to be able to tell you everything, ask for advice, etc. But if I’m not sure of your honesty, I won’t be

able to trust you to that level, therefore my heart will go out of it fast! Simple!

3. Be kind and patient. I will be the first to tell you that I have issues and I am going to drive you insane, not once or twice but many many times. Therefore, you have to have kindness in you to be able to just look, shake your head and walk away, saying when the blood flows away from her head, she will get back to me. You also have to be very patient because that is going to happen quite often. I also am very clumsy, cuckoo and annoying when I want to be or when I’m in a mood. Your patience with these traits is important as I don’t see those things changing anytime soon. 4. Have a way with words. Intelligence has a lot to play with this aspect but basically

you have to have a way with words. This might be weird to some people but I love words and someone who just uses them right and says the right thing gets me all the time. It says a lot that the person I fell hardest for recently was a genius with words! As in the brother could just write or speak and I would plotz! It was crazy! Of course there were other traits he possessed but that one definitely got me. At this point, I should add that spelling thing correctly is also a plus and having a typed conversation where things are not spelled the right way grits my nerves. I try not to judge but it definitely loses you points. I guess this aspect is helped by being a reader but basically make the english language your friend and know how to use words to make me swoon.

5. Possess a sense of humor. This is very important as I am known to have the attention span of a gnat. So it is important that I have to be entertained around you if you are to last in my life. In addition, you have to be able to laugh at yourself. I can be very silly and I tend to make a fool of myself very quickly. So you can’t get embarrassed easily and you have to be able to laugh about things and let them go instead of getting upset about them. I dated a guy who, among other faults, got embarrassed very quickly when things didn’t go his way and would either shut off from you or would try to find a way to embarrass you as well (a “misery loves company” type thing). As you can imagine, we didn’t last long at all. But basically, a sense of humor is rather important. If you don’t possess one, not gonna happen m’dear!

So that’s it! The 5 top ways to win my heart. Below are some runner ups, they were close contenders but for one reason or the other, didn’t make it.

Romantic (I’m not a full romantic so its not high on the list, but it would be nice)

Good Dancer (topic for another day)

Good with kids

Well people, that’s it for today. Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment. Support a newbie blogger… It would be great motivation to keep on writing. Thanks and have a blessed day.