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Day 2 – Something I feel strongly about


To prepare for this one, I went online and did some research. Some of these things I already knew, others I didn’t at all and it was maddening. In the US, 1 in every 6 female is raped. In South Africa, it is 1 in every 2 female. South Africa is the worst because they have the highest occurrence in the whole world which is caused by many factors but that is not the main point today.
I couldn’t find a lot of statistics for Nigeria and that is because so many people do not report rape and molestation in this country. This could be because they are too young to know they are being molested, or it is a close acquaintance that is doing the molesting or they figure why expose themselves to the ridicule bound to come from reporting it. The worst are people who actually have conditioned themselves that maybe they did something to ask for it. Unfortunately, our society isn’t one that tackles this problem head on. It is more or less ignored by the system. This is quite unfortunate because victims are stuck on how to get help and most of the time, they have to suffer whatever physical n psychological pain they are feeling alone.
Most times, the molesters are acquaintances and this breaks my heart too. About 70% of the time, the female knows the person. Also the amount of kids that are molested is quite disturbing. It is worse in a place like South Africa where even babies are raped (as people believe it would help cure HIV/AIDS) but middle school and high school kids are raped everywhere and it is quite sad.
I don’t know how rape began and I don’t know much about its history but I do believe much isn’t being done about it, especially in Nigeria. There is very little education or awareness done about the issue and reporting is almost nonexistent. People usually don’t know how or where to report and even if they report, the chances of actual conviction is so low that people figure it isn’t worth it. This attitude has made the issue more prevalent in our communities.
Personally, I think children rapist and molesters are worse than the devil. They should be castrated and made to eat their organ! It is not talked about but I had to think about it. So many instances of the child saying uncle touched her, or of the housegirl saying oga cornered her in the room. These things happen everyday in our country and it is just swept under the rug, sometimes even the victim is insulted and labeled a whore – trying to destroy a man’s life with her accusations (especially by insecure women who do not want to accept that their husbands are bastards who molest the kids they are supposed to be protecting!).
Overall, these attitudes sicken me and I think about the physiological and psychological damage that is being done to so many young women out there, who will grow up to become mothers and build the future, this isn’t a good foundation we are building. If we don’t do something about it now, we are setting ourselves up for a whole lot of issues in the future, on both sides. So this country needs to start working on this issue. I don’t claim to know the solution or that it would be easy but it needs to be done! If not, we will all pay the price in the future.

NB – I know men and boys get raped and molested as well. Sorry I didn’t dwell much on it but the sentiments are still the same.

PS – For more information, check out RAINN’s (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network) website and this other one…