Monthly Archives: May 2015

May Greetings

So I have been awol for so long (covers face in shame). I truly have no excuse so I won’t make any. I guess I just feel little motivation to blog seeing as things are the way they are. I am not here to complain though cos some things are great as well. Thank God for that.

I recently went back to Nigeria for the first time since 2012. I went for a cousin’s wedding and just to go visit again! It was great! I got to see a lot of people I haven’t seen in a very long time and meet new people as well. I realized just how much I love that place and that if everything worked out altogether well, I would have no issues living there. That being said, NEPA (electricity issues), mosquitoes, food poisoning that had me almost unable to move, and general rowdiness made me SMH a few times. I would have loved to post a few pictures but I want to protect everyone’s privacy including mine and so I won’t.

On another note, I finally met Lagbaja! For those who had no reaction to me saying that because you have no idea who that is, I will explain. Growing up, I have always loved music! But there are not too many musicians that I have the attention span to stay with forever and love them continually. For me, Lagbaja is one of the few. I began listening to his music before I even knew what he was talking about most of the time. He mixes humor with satire with political consciousness and delivers amazing beauty that will keep you moving, singing, laughing and thinking all at the same time. He has also written some amazing love songs that will make you want to fall/stay in love. All in all, I love him!20150510_222737

So imagine my excitement when I find out he would be performing in my city and I had an opportunity to be a part of it! (CLOUDDDD 99999999999999) I went, I listened, I danced, I laughed, I interacted, I learnt some of his other songs that I didn’t even know and eventually I got him to sign my CDs and got some pictures with him, even a Selfie! You have no idea how much that made my week. I am still excited! I got to meet someone I really respect and enjoy. I will post some pictures of him. And you can find out more about him on his page (

Anywho, I’m really just here to say hello. There are some pressing issues on my mind but I do not want to get into it today. I will be back soon to discuss those… hopefully.