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I believe introductions are in order…

Hello people!
How’s blogviille doing? Good? Great!
Figured since I’ve decided to start a blog, it would be proper to do first things first and introduce myself so everyone can get to know me. Good idea? I think so too! So let’s get to it!

Well, my name is Black Pearl (I go by pearlie or bp sometimes also). I am a twenty something and I am currently based in Nigeria – that can change relatively soon, all depending on some factors we will get into as time goes on. This is because I am originally based in the US and I came to serve in Nigeria and I’ve stayed since I finished. Don’t know how long that will last though…

What else? Oh yeah I finally started the blog on new year’s day after so many times of saying I would. I love to write so I will be using this medium for that (nah duh, what else would I be using it for? you’d probably ask).

The blog will be mostly anonymous so that I can be as blunt and as honest as I want and topics will be based on whatever is making me tick at the moment I pick up my phone or lappy to write… Believe me, it will be an interesting journey.

As anybody else in the world, I am opinionated to a certain degree but I also realize that my views are my views and you won’t necessarily agree with mine (and vice versa). Since this is my blog though, I have to ask that you be respectful of me and of everyone else who visits and watch your mouth (or fingers as the case may be).

I think it is only fair to warn that there’s a dash of craziness in my head and it will spill onto the blog from time to time, bear with me. I am also very much prone to procrastination but I will try to work on that with this blog and make sure I have a steady posting schedule. To make sure that I actually do this, I will start my blog by doing the 30 days writing challenge. It isn’t anything new but hey, I’m a newbie so it is new to me!
Here’s to a wonderful friendship starting today.. Hope it lasts very long.

Cheers lovelies~

This should be exciting :D

This should be exciting 😀